Irish Cup

Welcome to! is the ideal destination for everything regarding Ireland’s most popular football betting competition. Over several decades, the Irish Cup has evolved into a tournament watched by football fans around the world, and it continues to grow every year.

At you’ll find the best information on everything regarding the Irish Cup competition. Learn about the tournament’s roots, famous stadiums, and most prominent football clubs in Ireland before discovering how the competition format plays out every year, and if you’re looking to make a wager on an Irish Cup match, then be sure to check out our Irish Cup Betting section for all the latest tips on winning big.

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Irish Cup History

A detailed history of the Irish Cup competition, including the most memorable moments from tournaments past. In addition, you’ll find information on the top football clubs in Ireland, as well as the famous stadiums that have hosted Irish Cup finals.

Competition Format

Wondering how the Open Cup format of the Irish Cup works? Here you’ll find out how the Irish Cup is contested, including what sort of clubs are able to compete in the tournament. As Ireland’s most prestigious knockout competition, the Irish Cup has an intriguing competition format.

Irish Cup Betting

Detailed information on what sort of bets you can find during the Irish Cup tournament, including detailed explanations of the most popular wagers made. Also details the best online bookmakers for Irish Cup bets.

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